North Bay Wildfires’ Impact on Sonoma County Nonprofits – Report #2, Feb. 2018


In October 2017, just days after the fires, the Partnership Resources Group team conducted a listening tour with current and former clients in Sonoma County. Many were profoundly impacted by the disaster.The aim of these conversations was to provide a trusted and sympathetic ear to their fears, hopes and fundraising concerns. These discussions also became avenues for expressing profound feelings of loss, pride, anxiety, determination, and sadness.PRG subsequently issued a paper, “After the Fires – Findings from Client Conversations,” addressing seven primary themes that arose from these meetings together with what we saw as the implications of each of these findings. Among these were:

  • Agencies not commonly perceived as being on the front lines of fire relief would need to define and communicate the unique role nonprofits also play as ‘second responders’, to their clients, donors and the public.
  • In the immediate weeks following the fires, it was unclear how the millions of dollars in fire-related philanthropy pouring into Sonoma, Napa and … [download full report: After the North Bay Wildfires — Second Report from PRG February 2018]
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