After the Fires – Impact & Opportunities for North Bay Nonprofits – Report #1, Jan. 2018


Ruben Arquilevich, ED at URJ Camp Newman, views fire damage

PRG contacted current and former clients in Sonoma County immediately after the October 2017 fires.

We offered consultation and a sounding board on issues that may impact their fundraising and overall fiscal well-being.

Among many sobering concerns revealed by these 11 agencies, here are the most common, along with opportunities we have identified.

Nonprofits as responders
In the aftermath of the fires, two agency categories emerged:

  • Those recognized for a basic disaster recovery mission – agencies such as Redwood Empire Food Bank and Catholic Charities tend to have the connections, donor base and visibility to be effective. Their donor pool will become very crowded, competitive and fatigued.
  • Agencies not primarily involved in tasks of recovery – these organizations are finding it more difficult to respond to donor questions and potential fatigue. Some agencies are …  [download full report: After the North Bay Wildfires – Conversations with PRG Clients, Report #1, Jan. 2018


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