2018 Tax Reform – How Will Bay Area Nonprofits Fare?


Tax time. Are you with us? We\’re scrambling to finish 2017 returns, and wondering what the new tax laws will mean when we file for 2018.

And as a nonprofit professional or volunteer whose organization relies on philanthropy, you’re also on edge. What affect will the new tax laws have on donors\’ propensity to give?

The answers are not simple. Research and analysis are ongoing, and the laws are changing.

At PRG, we’re not tax professionals so we searched out some expert opinions to share with you. Here\’s what they\’re saying about the new tax laws and your bottom line, and how to prepare for the change.

California Nonprofits: How will the new federal tax law affect you? – Cook & Company, California nonprofit accounting specialists

What’s in the New Tax Bill: Summary of Provisions – Association of Fundraising Professionals

How to Approach Fundraising in 2018 – Association of Fundraising Professionals

Potential Impact of Tax Reform on Charitable Giving Indiana University\’s Philanthropy Outlook for 2018 and 2019

Or get information firsthand from tax  professional Katy Brown, senior manager at Armanino LLP. Attend the luncheon on Friday, April 13, in Oakland. Get details and sign up here:
The Trump Tax Cuts: Implications for Your Organization

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