Strategy, Evaluation & Planning

“PRG can take a very complex problem and create a workable plan to address that challenge in a well-thought-out process that achieves a long-term goal. They continue to support our organization in major donor development, planned giving, capital fundraising, and creating sustainable funding for the future. In every project we more than achieved our goals.”

Dave Cort
Executive Director, San Geronimo Valley Community Center

Feasibility and Planning Studies

A key component of campaign success is assessing its feasibility. A PRG study helps you determine whether you have the elements in place for a successful campaign, and what will be required to maximize giving.

Assessments and Audits

Realizing your true fundraising potential relies on understanding the current state of your development program – its gaps and strengths. PRG conducts an honest evaluation internally of your leadership, staff, donors and fundraising systems, and externally of the environment in which you operate. From there we help set a path forward that leverages your assets and focuses your collective efforts for the greatest return.

Annual Campaign Planning and Support

New fundraising strategies and tools make annual giving more promising than ever. But chasing the newest way to raise money may not match your donors’ chosen mode of giving or your in-house staffing capabilities. Before you leap into something new, get some insights from PRG fundraising professionals.

Information Systems and Data Management

Choosing the right systems and data management tools is one of the most difficult operational tasks faced by nonprofits. With key development staff turning over roughly every 18 months, capturing historical giving data and details can make or break your giving program. If you are frustrated with how time consuming and confusing choosing the right tools can be, our experts can help.



The benefit and most effective outcome that comes with partnering with the professional expertise at PRG is that they challenge, inspire and energize you to be intentionally strategic in your approach, design and execution of your work. They recognize that resources are limited; human/financial/donor, and challenge you to be compelling, concise and direct. They really immerse themselves in the purpose of the organization within a short amount of time and help the leadership team create compelling content that resonates across a variety of current and potential stakeholders.


CEO, Becoming Independent
Sharyl Rabinovici

PRG stood out in our consultant search for their experience, organized team, and methodical, structured approach. We embarked on a six-month process in which they guided us first as observant advisors, then as intelligent collaborators, and eventually (dare I say) as advocates for our rather technical, niche mission. They identified new and underutilized pockets of potential support and produced a highly nuanced case for support and accompanying fundraising ramp-up plan that provide a clear roadmap for both our staff and Board. We are far more prepared to pursue our ambitious goals because of their involvement.

Sharyl Rabinovici

Director of Strategic Communications, US Resiliency Council
Susan Gilmore

I have worked with the PRG principals over the past 10 years and have always been impressed with their vision, finger on the pulse of the community, and ability to develop sound fundraising strategies and implementation plans. I rely greatly on the team’s depth of knowledge in organizational development and current trends across many different landscapes. Our stakeholders trust in their process, appreciate their candor and believe in their ability to successfully guide our organization.

Susan Gilmore

Executive Director, North Bay Children’s Center

Strategy Evaluation & Planning Results

PRG Helps Forge New Directions and Guides Leadership Transition

The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (“The Center”) has, for more than 50 years, been Richmond’s premier nonprofit in the advanced arts and youth development, serving thousands of young people in public schools and at their performing arts center in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond, CA.
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Whether you need targeted guidance or a comprehensive solution, our experts in fundraising, executive search, communications, and strategic information services can help you get there.

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