We create custom solutions, not cookie-cutter approaches drawing on years of fundraising experience.

Don’t worry if you are seeking help in defining what your campaign needs actually are –it is not uncommon for an organization to come to us unsure of what they need but looking to us to help define the problem or provide advice on the best use of their consulting dollar.

A charitable gift represents shared values. That’s why we help you identify and understand what your donors want and value the most.

We frequently employ the task force approach to our work, involving select people from your organization who bring immediate organizational know-how into the fundraising process. Through a task force, the likelihood of fundraising success grows by creating buy-in at the Board and professional levels.

A Real World View of What Is Possible

We get it – the work of your organization is incredibly important. PRG embraces your mission while understanding that fundraising success is not the result of worthiness. Our full spectrum of insights earned over 25 years bridges the gap between the needs your organization addresses and translating those needs successfully in a competitive fundraising environment.

Guide You in Implementing Your Plan

Solid plans are essential. But so is the ability to adjust fundraising activity in real time. PRG not only helps forge informed implementation plans but assists in course-correction at every turn. It helps that we also bring long standing relationships with the philanthropic community to enrich your campaign.

PRG assumes project management responsibilities and keeps you informed of deadlines, critical information, key decision points and results.

Before we Say Goodbye

Upon conclusion of a project, we arrange a full debriefing and your organization benefits from recommendations on how to fully leverage the outcomes of the completed project to further your mission and goals.

Our relationships endure and we are always available to help capitalize on opportunities and solve problems as they arise.

Contact us today for specialized strategies and support for large-scale fundraising, executive staff coaching and developing funding plans to ensure your organization’s future.



We’re ready to start listening to your specific needs.

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