3 Wonderful, Unexpected Benefits of a Capital Campaign


It’s PRG’s 24th anniversary. We’re celebrating more than 50 successful capital campaigns with Bay Area nonprofits, and the transformation of hundreds of amazing organizations.

In every campaign, our clients were surprised to experience these remarkable side benefits:

1. Annual giving goes up.

This defies a common assumption that donors will drop their regular giving to pay for their capital gift. Wrong! Time and again the historic nature of a capital campaign inspires donors not only to continue their support but increase annual gifts to back their capital investment.

And, the visibility created by a good campaign always attracts new donors to the cause. These new supporters will likewise follow their capital giving with gifts to fulfill the promise of the capital program—more and better services. Nonprofit board members discuss a capital campaign.

2. The board gets stronger.

Thoughtful giving by board members, a prerequisite for any successful campaign, drives these volunteer leaders to expand their commitment and connection to the mission.

This deeper understanding makes the board more effective. Board directors become reenergized as community ambassadors and more motivated to serve. Organizations compete for dollars, but also for quality leaders, so this is an especially valuable benefit.

3. Staff morale surges.

An organization’s staff makes it all happen day-to-day but they often labor in obscurity. A successful campaign is a tangible public endorsement of the organization’s work and its place in the fabric of community life. The low staff turnover that follows a campaign is no accident—professionals in our nonprofits are seeking meaning and impact as much as salary.

We love to see our clients gain the expected and unexpected benefits of a strategically planned and executed capital campaign. Ask us about the details.

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