3 Year-End Fundraising Reminders – It’s Not Too Late!


The majority of year-end gifts are made between December 26 and December 29. So it’s a good time to remind your donors that:

  1. They get triple benefits when they donate stock.
    With markets at an all-time high, many donors have portfolios with vastly appreciated stocks. Donating stock to you allows donors to:
    – Forego capital gains taxes
    – Deduct the current value of the stock
    – Get the charitable deduction
  2. Tax reform is breeding uncertainty about 2018.
    No one knows what tax overhaul will mean for charitable giving. But now’s the time to take advantage of all the existing provisions. Some donors who typically give mid-year may want to frontload their 2018 gifts now and when they can be sure of the charitable deduction.
  3. They can leverage their IRA. Donors over 70½ that hold IRAs must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) by December 31 and pay tax on it. Sending a portion of the RMD to a qualified charity reduces the tax and reduces the basis upon which their Medicare Part B premium payment is calculated. That alone can save a donor hundreds of dollars each year.

And don’t be shy! People give to people, not just organizations. Pick up the phone and let your donor prospects know why their gifts are so important. It really makes a difference.

And we want to make a difference for you. In January 2018, PRG’s Elliot Levin and Andy Eber speak on an AFP panel about fundraising after the fire. Get details.

May 2018 bring you peace and prosperity!

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