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Providing Youth Advocacy and Career Services during COVID

Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) was founded in 1971 to provide a constructive alternative to juvenile hall for runaway and at-risk youth. Their formula incorporates three pillars: housing, counseling and career. This month’s HERO is Dawnn Montgomery, a Career Services Specialist + Housing for SAY. She has worked for the non-profit agency based in Santa […]

When “Because I Said So” Just Isn’t Enough

Contributed by Melissa Irish, PRG Managing Associate I can’t count how many times colleagues and clients have come to us with the presenting problem of needing to raise more money – often lots more – but can’t articulate why. To call us to ask for help makes sense, we ARE fundraising counsel but before we […]

Providing Food, Support and Care during COVID

COTS One of the most basic and vital human needs is having food to eat. In 2020, food insecurity was on the rise for many in the Bay Area, especially for the homeless and those precariously housed. One organization knows this more than most. For 32 years, the Committee on the Shelterless, COTS, based in […]

The Show Must Go On!

The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (the “Center”) in Richmond, CA has long been a client of PRG. The Center provides access to the arts to over 4,000 kids ages 3 – 18 through instruction in dance, music, theater and digital arts. Historically, instruction is done in both in the schools in Richmond, […]

DEI – What is the Measure?

Contributed by Amira (Mira) Barger, MBA,CVA,CFRE, PRG Associate – Philanthropy & DEI  “In the years I have been here, nice has not translated into upward mobility, pay equity, or new opportunities.” We are the “nice” sector. Nice nonprofits, made up of nice people, doing nice things and putting nice into the world. I’m sorry to […]

DEI – So what?

Contributed by Amira (Mira) Barger, MBA,CVA,CFRE,  PRG Associate Consultant – Philanthropy & DEI  Making nonprofit commitments and crafting ongoing actions towards diversity, equity and inclusion. “When you believe niceness disproves the presence of racism, it’s easy to start believing bigotry is rare, and that the label racist should be applied only to mean-spirited, intentional acts […]


We, at Partnership Resources Group, have talked with countless organizations over the last several months. There is widespread concern about how to maintain the quality of your services, meet the needs of your clients and communicate effectively with your donors, all while keeping your fundraising work moving forward. By sharing what PRG learned, we hope […]

DEI – 4 Key Questions to Ask

Contributed by Amira (Mira) Barger, MBA,CVA,CFRE,  PRG Associate Consultant – Philanthropy & DEI  The questions organizations can be asking themselves right now to advance their own commitment and actions to diversity, equity and inclusion. In the wake of recent and ongoing protest across the nation, many nonprofit organizations are seeking ways to address racial injustice. […]